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Katherine Waters-Clark
RE/MAX Leading Edge

748 Main Street
Winchester, MA 01890

781-729-5505 - office
781-729-5501 - fax

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Katherine helped us through what possibly is one of the most stressful transactions we've ever been though. She talked us though every step and spoke to us countless times over the phone to calm our fears. She was wonderful to work with. On a scale of 1 to 10, we rate Katherine a 10+. Thank you, Katherine!

When we met Katherine at an open house, she was so professional and organized that we decided to meet with her to discuss our options for purchasing a first home. After our first meeting, both my husband and I were very confident that she knew our desires and would work to help us find the perfect home. Katherine listened very carefully and even anticipated what our needs were to help us figure out exactly what things we were willing to compromise on.

Katherine was warm, truthful, and very patient with us. The best example of Katherine's manner was the night we were making our first offer. My 2 month-old had "had it" and was fussing. This did not bother Katherine at all. She simply took the baby and walked around the office shushing her while my husband and I deliberated on the details of the offer.

Most importantly however, once we found our home, she kept us calm while we moved though the process of a very stressful P&S and closing: After we signed the P&S we found out the rate on our loan had increased dramatically, but Katherine helped us find a new bank so we could purchase our home. Even after closing, we needed to have our driveway replaced as soon as we closed and she was able to provide us with a paver who went above and beyond our expectations.

Chris and Moya, First-Time Buyers, Arlington, MA

Katherine is friendly, experienced, and showed great poise when negotiations for our purchase got stressful. She has a ton of contacts for things like inspections, legal representation, and insurance. In a word, she's real good.”

Adam and Katie, First-Time Buyers, Woburn, MA

When we were selling our home, Katherine did everything for us. We had a personalized (and very effective) packet with a lot of detailed information about the house. She presented our house really well with a nice decorative touch. On a scale of 1-10, we rate Katherine a 10! In fact, my parents and sister will be using her too!

We met Katherine at one of the houses, and we had a "good" feeling about her. She is outgoing, very knowledgeable and fun to work with. Katherine is skilled at listening to and respecting what we really wanted as both sellers and buyers.

Nick and Shirley, Woburn, MA

Unlike other realtors we have worked with in the past, Katherine spent a great deal of time going through every room in the house and made some excellent suggestions on how to get the house ready for the spot light. Katherine was able to provide some excellent recommendations for home improvements and with dealing with a unique situation which was discouraging people to buy our house. She has come up with some innovative home selling strategies and has provided excellent service and support during the whole process.

Katherine's main concern as a buyer's agent was for us to be happy with our new home, rather than bringing to conclusion a business deal. She was very skillful in listening and respecting our needs as both sellers and buyers.

Katherine is very professional, warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and honest. I am sure that besides her expertise, this rare combination of personal attributes is very beneficial to her professional success.

Paul and Candida, Stoneham, MA

Both Katherine and Melissa knew exactly what we (new homebuyers) were looking for, information on the journey of buying a home. We loved it!!! Thanks!!!

Mary and Tom, Arlington, MA

My husband and I were "open housing" on our own and met Katherine at a house she was showing. As luck would have it, Katherine called us a few days later to follow up and we decided to work with her. Katherine explained to us what a buyer's agent is and the benefits of using a buyer's agent during the scary process of shopping for our first home. We were relieved to know that we would have someone on our side, and at no cost to us-bonus!!

Katherine was always available to show us any house we wanted to see...& we wanted to see lots!!! She made the entire process of searching for a home, from limiting where we wanted to look, to what we really wanted, much easier than if we had done it on our own. She sat down with us on many occasions to discuss & reevaluate our wants and needs as we tried to find the "perfect" home.

Like many 1st time home buyers my husband and I bought a home that needed lots of updates in order to turn it into our "dream" home. Katherine was able to provide great recommendations for home inspectors, general contractors, and most importantly, lenders. All recommendations were extremely professional and provided great services. Katherine's services did not end when we closed the deal on the home we purchased. She continues to email to check in & provide assistance with a variety of issues.

As you can imagine, buying our first home, was a daunting task...at first. My husband was extremely skeptical of real estate agents in general and was very cautious in committing to working with one person. However, after agreeing to work with Katherine, all of our fears and concerns began to fade away. We consistently felt like she was looking out for our best interests and working her hardest to find us the house we really wanted.

Immediately we were at ease with Katherine's warm, genuine personality.She made us feel comfortable from the beginning with her maternal qualities, yet was always willing to prove her aggressiveness when it came to the things that mattered most. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the house hunting process and enthusiastic to help along the way without being overbearing. We found that her personality suited us perfectly and made for a successful transaction.

We chose to purchase an old farmhouse that we knew had lots of potential & was in a great location, but needed LOTS of work. She helped us find a way to make this purchase possible. There were an unimaginable amount of obstacles throughout the process, from figuring out the right financing, to finding someone to complete the renovations, and Katherine was there every step of the way. Even after we closed the deal, she continued to stay on top of the progress & dealing with the people we hired.

Katherine has a keen sense of listening to her clients & interpreting what they want, sometimes before they even know what they are looking for. As we began the process of finding a home we had great expectations for what we wanted to find and where we might find it...we had champagne desires on a beer budget. Katherine was able to help us narrow down what we truly wanted in a home and where we wanted to look. She patiently listened to our desires directed us in the right direction.

On a scale of 1-10, I would definitely rate Katherine a 10 and have already recommended her to many of my friends when they are ready to start looking for a home of their own.

Melissa and Jon, First-Time Homebuyers, Woburn, MA

Katherine guided us through every step, explaining what would be happening and what we should do to be prepared for every step of the very daunting process of buying a home.

This was our first time going through this process and Katherine explained everything step by step for us. We called her anytime we had a question (and we called a lot!), and she was always accessible and happy to answer our questions, no matter how silly they might have seemed! Knowing that we could pick up the phone and call her, or send her an email and know that she would get back to us immediately was a really great feeling.

Katherine is very warm and enthusiastic! She made me feel like she was genuinely excited for us to be purchasing our home and wanted to do whatever she could to help us through the process.

After the closing there was a computer glitch with the bank and we were left waiting on the porch of our new home for hours. Katherine called us hourly with updates, even stopped by to see how we were doing. We were so stressed with the situation, but somehow she still managed to put a smile on our faces.

We would rate her as a 10 and definitely recommend her to others!

Jackie and Michael, First-Time Buyers, Stoneham, MA

As the Broker/Owner of one of Greater Boston’s most successful Real Estate Companies, our staffing standards are specific with great emphasis on only the best of quality professionals. Katherine is an outstanding member of our Sales Associates Team at RE/MAX Leading Edge. She creates the “total buying or selling experience” for her cliental. Her attention detail is unparalleled. I highly recommend working with Katherine for all of your real estate needs.

Paul Mydelski, Broker/Owner, REMAX Leading Edge, Winchester, MA