Take The Gloves Off, People!

I work with lots of different buyers and sellers.  Despite their age or location, at our first meeting, I have often noted a similar vibe.  The client (whether buyer or seller) seems anxious and a bit amped up about the “upcoming battle” and future dealings with “those buyers out there” or “those over-confident sellers.”  While buyers and sellers are certainly on opposite ends of a transaction, and some buyers and sellers are … well, unreasonable and … CRAZY, it’s important – and very smart – to remember this little secret:  buyers and sellers really want the same thing. Buyers want to buy a house.  Sellers want to sell a house.  But BOTH want to MOVE!  Today’s market IS indeed a battleground of fast moving properties, multiple over-asking bidding wars.  It’s very easy (and understandable) for one or the other to get dug in, exasperated, emotional, and furious!  If you want to WIN, buyers and sellers MUST remember:  the goal of a successful deal is to work togethertowards the finish line.  Having a cooperative attitude and creating a mindset of collaboration right from the beginning will go very far.  And once you have closed on a transaction, you will NOT even REMEMBER why you were battling!  This does not mean “giving your house away” for a seller, and it does not mean “giving away your first born” for a buyer.  But more often than not, it DOES mean taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and putting yourself in the other’s shoes – and in their head.  If a seller is refusing to agree to a condition, or a buyer is dug in on a number, both will do very well by asking themselves, “Why are we stuck on this point?”  “What would I do in this situation?”  “What am I willing to do now?”  The WORST decision is one in which a buyer or seller REFUSES to budge “on principal!” and the buyer or seller backs out, only to call me the very next morning filled with regret.  Sometimes your agent can put the deal back together, but in this tight market, once it’s gone, it’s gone.​

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